Welcome to Sanctuary!

Sanctuary are a group of Christians seeking to build community through sharing our faith journeys. We meet regularly to explore worship, for discussion, study and prayer. We seek to create space for God, believing it is His intention to bring all of life to redemption.

We are based in Bath, UK, and are affiliated to the Anglican church of St Matthews, Widcombe, where some of our meetings are hosted (see events page for details).


  1. Great start Clare, thanks for this.

  2. Just been reading about the Sanctuary. I would be interested to know why God is god without a capital G? Is it a typing error or is it deliberate? To me, the word god can represent pretty much anything. for example, money can become a god if worshipped.

  3. if you’re me, you never use caps…
    there are no capital letters in the bible either, except in the translations from the original, because there simply were no capital letters in the language. i find it clear from each sentence how the word god is used… i note no lack of respect for god on these pages, just a desire to struggle with and engage with the meaning of life and god’s purposes etc.
    you are right… all things can become god’s to people, it is easy to make things into idols… it is also possible for our own very small visions of who god is to be come idols too… idea’s of god which by very nature reduce him to a size and shape our brains can cope with. we all do it.

  4. i must say that i have always used capital letters in the past. i guess we are all different and have to respect another person’s views. but to me the most important person and the only one i am trying to impress is God.

  5. i have no particular view… your spelling’s your own business. i too, feel no need to impress anyone.

  6. Hi Beauty,
    I’m interested in what you say about trying to impress God, I’ve never thought about it like that, I guess I want to experience God, to find God, to find God’s way for my life. But I don’t think I could manage to impress God, as he can see – so the cat would be out of the bag

    I mean, how could you give God a surprise?

    how did you come across the Sanctaury blog? and are you into any other blogs?
    all the best

  7. ……I don’t really mean impress in the way you mean. What I mean is I would like to please God.

    I’m not really into blogs. I find they take up a lot of valuable time so I don’t really know why I am even doing this!

  8. and all the best to you too!

  9. hi again beauty…
    our little community set this blog up so we could discuss stuff. it’s only just getting going really. we thought we’d make it an open blog in the way that we would hope our community was open.
    you are very welcome to join in. šŸ™‚

  10. What does your community represent? Are you born again Christians? Or are you a different faith?

  11. Sorry, realised you are Christians. AM being dense.

  12. šŸ™‚

  13. sorry Beauty, I owe you an apology, I can be so pedantic, going on about ‘can impressing God or not.’

    A preacher I know is trying to convince me that God values us above anything we can imagine, which is just to tricky for me to take on board at the moment. But I can see his point, and how it all fits together, with us as Kings and Queens, Priest and Priestesses in His Kingdom.

  14. We have a nice garden we would be interested to share on edge of Keynsham/Bath with some Christians interested in maybe growing own and a greenhouse.

    Do e-mail if interested in first instance.

    We have met Ian ands Sonia in past, from Claire and George, may recall..still interested in connecting with Christian arts group re Sanctuary too. Do let us know what might be happening….

  15. Oh its late and listening to a preach!

    Hope you will have a contact e-mail for above

  16. I went to St. Matthews, Widcombe on Sunday evening. Great sofas – just like StArbucks. A church with sofas is a step towards Heaven in my estimation – now we really CAN recline in the bosom of the Lord.

    Shame about the coffee though.

  17. I like the earthiness of your joint blog. I’ll watch it for a while. I live in Melbourne Australia and found your blog via Mike Todd, World Vision, in Vancouver, Canada. Like your community, I’m an Anglican in quite an interesting multicultural church. (White Aussies are in the minority, with SE Asians, Indians and Sri Lankans making up the bulk of the congregation.
    My blog is called “The Contemplative Crisis” at http://www.robculhane.com

    Regards, in Christ, Rob

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